1960Mr Georges POMERET buys some machines to open a screw-cutting workshop..SEGEPO 1ERE USINE

1966 Opening of the 1st building with a surface area of 375 m2 by Mr Georges POMERET
            Staff: 8 employees

1970 –  Creation of SARL SEGEPO, a Limited Liability Company.

            Staff: 15 employees

1972Expansion of the offices.

1974Opening of a 2nd building with a surface area of 300 m2.

            Staff: 24 employees

1986Opening of a new 1000 m2 workshop known as “du Ris”.

          Staff: 43 employees

1988Creation of SARL GPO (general mechanics company).

          Staff:14 employees

1989Opening of the 2nd building and office known as “du Ris” with a surface Segepo

            area of 1000 m2, which is now the SEGEPO Group’s head office.

          Staff:50 employees

1992 Acquisition of DECOVEX from REVEX, situated in Renage (Isère, France).

            Staff: 9 employeesDecovex

1996Construction of new premises with a surface area of 1200 m2
for DECOVEX in Apprieu (Isère, France).


1998Acquisition of SINDRA from the BRANCHER group, situated in Châtillon sur Chalaronne (Ain, France )

             Staff:50 employeesSindra


Ademis          Acquisition of the company renamed as ADEMIS,situated in Grenoble (Isère, France) on 1st January 1999.

                              Staff:50 employees

1999Construction of new premises with a surface area of 2500 m2for the ADEMIS site in the Technisud Grenoble Business park (Isère, France)

2001Acquisition of a subsidiary of the ALSTOM Group specialised in screw-cutting, situated in Poland. This site is renamed SEGEPO-REFA in October 2001.

          Staff: 37 employees

2004 - Expansion of the Saint-Lager plant and integration of all the assembling and welding activity of GPO and its staff.

2005Acquisition of SUPERDECOLLETAGE situated in Bonneville (Haute-Savoie, France).

          Staff: 65 employees

2007 – Closure of SUPERDECOLLETAGEUsine-Turquie

2010Opening of a subsidiary called SEGEPO-KAYSERI in Turkey, specialising in machining.

           Staff: 15 employees

2013 Expansion of the production sites in Saint-Lager, 4500 m2 and in Châtillon sur Chalaronne, 3500 m2.


REFA NEW BUILDING   - Construction of a new plant for the Polish site, 4000 m²


2018 – Expansion of the production site in Poland : + 1500m²

2018 July– Acquisition of a plant in Cincinnati - USA, specialising in turning and machining. This site is renamed SEGEPO-FSM

 Staff: 65 employeesPan1 FSM



SEGEPO Group currently has 350 employees in its plants on a covered surface area of 25000 m2.